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    • 11-04-12 Soul Warming #SundaySupper
      Event hosted by Susan Knoll Palmer - Do you feel that nip in the air? Or the smell of smoke from fire places being lit? It is getting colder out and now is the time to start thinking about food to keep us warm. Bring out your best soups, chili, and stew recipes. Dishes that stick to your bones, make you happy, and want to cuddle up next to a fire and eat with your loved ones (human or furry 🙂 )
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    • 10-28-12 Trick-Or-Treat Halloween Party
      The theme is Trick-or-Treat! Your dish can be a devilish trick, in which you change the name of your dishes to something spooky, like Vampire Bat Wings or Banana Scream Pie. Or a favorite Halloween treat like popcorn balls or something made with pumpkin. Or maybe even a bewitching brew. The possibilities are endless.
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    • 11-11-12 Gifts From The Kitchen
      Event hosted by Susan Pridemore and Amber Poole - The theme for this week will be share these gifts with each other on-line, and give all of us a bunch of ideas for our holiday gifts this year! As for ideas, it can be your favorite jam, cookies in a jar, your favorite BBQ rub you mix in your kitchen, or the mixings in a jar to make peppermint hot cocoa. That said, this is a wonderful opportunity to get really creative and crafty too.
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      Susan Pridmore Susan Pridmore

    • 11-18-12 What to do with Thanksgiving Leftovers
      What's your favorite thing to do with Thanksgiving leftovers? This could be everything from Main Dish to Side Dish to Dessert. Let's get creative! Reminder: Title must be posted by 11/14 by 6pm Eastern Time, #SundaySupper must be included in title and links to everyone's posts must be included in your post.
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    • 12-2-12 Favorite Celebrity Chef #SundaySupper
      This Event is hosted by the fabulous Tammi Demers Forcier Do you watch the Food Network Channel? All the Top Chef shows where everyone competes to be the very best? How about the very best Food Network Stars that inspire us, the Chefs that provide mouth watering dishes that we love to duplicate? Well this #SundaySupper is for you! Let's create a dish inspired from one of our very favorite Chef? Whether it be Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay, The Sandwich Guy, or Paula Dean you pick. Appetizer, side dish, main dish, cocktail or dessert, if it's from your Top Chef it'll be a good one!
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      SmallWalletBigAppetite SmallWalletBigAppetite

    • 12-30 New Year’s Potluck Party with Emeril
      You all know I recently had the pleasure to meet and interview Emeril. Well, Emeril is all about Parties and having a good time. What would be more appropriate than a New Year's Potluck Party featuring his 2 cookbooks Emeril's Potluck and Emeril;s Kicked-up Sandwiches... I'm so excited! You all know how much I love him!
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      Beatepdx Beatepdx